The topic of the collection Distinctive Skin is the combination of the knitwear classic Tyrolean jacket (Walkjanker) and the Kazakh culture. The characteristic tent of the Kazakh nomads is the yurt. The Tyrolean jacket and the yurt are both establishing identity and provide a protective cover to people.

The cape of the realized outfit unites these properties. The fulled knitted fabric has been printed with glue that melted under heat and became a water repellent surface. The typical soft knitted inside warms the wearer on the inside and the special coating protects from the outside. The design of the dress was inspired by the typical construction methods of a yurt; a circular basic cut divided in 12 parts. Coming from the french seams, woven rods shape the neck closure; the eye of the yurt.

photography (Runway): M. Wittig, Berlin 2012